Welcome to developers section of Brinkman Financial.  We want to make it easy for you to connect to BFC’s Gateway system and we are opening up our different programming libraries to other developers to make quick work of our solutions.

Access to BFC’s Gateway utilizes the SOAP protocol and the WSDL can be accessed by visiting https://gateway.bfc-usa.com

If you want to utilize a direct call to the Gateway System via function-calls, the Gateway API functions can be found at https://gateway.bfc-usa.com/api

JavaScript libraries include the following client-side functions:

  • BFC Gateway Builder classes to help build the different XML data send to the BFC Gateway system
  • BFC Client class to call to the BFC Gateway System
  • BFC Log tools to log data to the browser’s local storage system
  • BFC TLV parsing data – handles both Verifone and Ingenico data.
  • BFC Validation functions for detecting the credit card type from the partial values or the full card number, and checking ABA numbers (Fed routing numbers)